1. In case of postponement of the match, all bets on the match are refundable. If a match is interrupted, all bets on the match shall be refunded, except the rates the outcome of which is uniquely determined by the time of postponing of the match.
  2. Bets are counted according to the official results of the tournament. In the case of replacement of one player by another one, all bets will be void and shall be returned.
  3. The following items are available for betting on Chess:
    • The winner of the match - here you predict the outcome of the match. In case of refusal to participate in a match or disqualification of one of the participants by the time the first move of the match was made, all bets on this match shall be returned.
    • The winner of the tournament - if more than one participant is recognized as a winner of the tournament, the coefficient of the rate for this team is divided by the number of winners. If two or more players finish the tournament with the same number of points, the calculation of rates is made according to the player announced as a winner of the tournament by the respective governing body of the tournament.
    • In this given type of sport, other outcomes can be offered apart from that mentioned above.