1. All bets are calculated on the basis of the results of the main time of the match (40 minutes of overall playtime: 2 rounds of 20 minutes), if not stipulated otherwise.
  2. The overtime and the series of the 6-metre-shots are considered only for bets on entering the next round, the tournament winner, etc.
  3. In the event of the match being cancelled or postponed for more than 35 hours, all the bets made on the event acquire odds equal to 1.
  4. In the event of the match being interrupted or stopped for more than 24 hours, all the bets are calculated with an odd of 1, excluding cases, in which the bet outcomes are determined by the time the match is stopped. Outcomes, which are clearly determined by the time the match is stopped, e.g. outcome of the first time, the first goal scored and the time thereof, etc., are considered while calculating the bets.
  5. The match is considered to have taken place if at least 60 minutes of the match has been played. In the event of the match failing to be played within 24 hours, all bets are calculated on the basis of the results available at the time the match was stopped.
  6. While determining statistic data for futsal, a source for determining the results is the information, placed on the following websites: Futsal. Brazilian championship: http://www.futsaldobrasil.com

Futsal. Spanish championship: http://www.lnfs.es

Futsal. Italian championship: http://www.divisionecalcioa5.it

Futsal. Polish championship: http://futsalekstraklasa.pl

Futsal. Portuguese championship: http://www.futsalportugal.com

Futsal. Russian championship: http://www.amfr.ru

Futsal. Romanian championship: http://www.frf.ro

Futsal. Czech championship: http://www.fotbal.cz

Futsal. Japanese championship: http://www.fleague.jp