The handicaps and the total on a tennis match are mentioned in games. A “Score by sets” bet is offered. The corresponding columns in the line are entitled: 2:0, 2:1, etc. In case of a change in the format of the match (the quantity of sets and the score of sets), the odds of winnings on bets for all outcomes of a mentioned event is accepted by “1″. The data about the covering tennis courts has informative character. In the case of changing the cover, all the bets remain valid.

  1. If one of the announced participants is replaced by another one before the start of the game, then the bet on the event must be returned (excluding team competitions). All bets remain valid when there is a substitution of one or more participants in team competitions for any reason. In pair matches, if the composition of the pairs is mentioned, in case of substitution of one of the participants, the winnings are calculated with the odd “1″. If the composition is not mentioned, the bets remain valid.
  2. When the player is retired or disqualified for any reason, then already raffled and accomplished bets remain valid. All the other bets should be returned, even if the outcomes are evident:
    • Outcomes of games, sets and tennis games;
    • Handicaps of games, sets and tennis games;
    • Totals of games, sets and tennis games;
    • Correct scores of games, sets and tennis games;
    • And other events.
  3. Bets remain valid in the following cases:
    • Change of tennis lawn;
    • Change of venue;
    • Replacement of outdoor tennis court with an indoor one.
  4. Recommended bets are accepted for the tournament winner, taking into consideration the mandatory participation in the tournament. If the player refuses to take part in the tournament before the start of the game, all recommended bets for the win should be returned.
  5. If the tennis match is suspended, or not finished on the same day, the bets remain valid until the end of the tournament in which the game is held, until the game is over or any of the participants have retired.
  6. In tennis matches, the odds and total are counted by points in the event of a super tie-break. 1 point equals 1 game.