Calculation of bets

  1. RedStar validates the results on the basis of official reports and alternative sources of information (including videos of the event) after finishing the event. Calculation of bets is based on the results published on the website in the section “Results”. In case of discrepancy of results from different sources of information, as well as in the case of their obvious mistakes the final decision to determine the results belongs to Vbet.
  2. All inquiries of Users regarding the correctness of the results of the Vbet site should be based only on the basis of official sources of information (websites of regulatory bodies for these championships). Information from other sources cannot be considered a basis for the reviewing/reappraisal of bets.
  3. Valid (factual) results are considered to be the results, which are announced on the basis of official protocols or other sources of information, right after the end of the event. The organizer uses the following official sources:
  4. Live event bet results are calculated based on what is known immediately after the end of the event/competition. All following changes (for example, changes by decision of a jury after the game) are not taken into account while deciding the bet. The company itself calculates these bets based on its statistical data about the actual course of the game. If not otherwise indicated, all bets on non-participating athletes in the competition will be void.
  5. In cases when the company’s statistics (based on TV coverage) is different from the official statistics, the bets are calculated according to the company’s statistics.
  6. If more than one participant or team is declared as a winner of the competition, the coefficient of winnings is divided by the number of winners (the coefficient can’t be less than 1).
  7. All operations on playing accounts are made in the currency chosen by the User during registration.
  8. All bets for which the outcomes are already known (in particular bets on who will score the next goal or win a certain segment of the match), are considered valid and are calculated even if the event or tournament was suspended. If a match is not completed and is considered incomplete, then all bets on it are refundable, (except what is mentioned in point 16.1.1) even if the result, at which the event was suspended, later is confirmed as final. If it does not contradict the special rules of individual sports, the result announced on the day of the match is taken for the result of the match. Any possible changes in the result, conditioned by the revision of the results of the event by governing bodies and disciplinary penalties of teams, for the purpose of betting, are not taken into account, and the initial results of the calculation of bets remain in force.
  9. What is the minimum/maximum size of the bet? The maximum amount of one bet is defined by the maximum amount of the winnings specified above. When choosing a bet, if you have received a message that the amount of your bet exceeds the maximum amount, reduce the amount of the bet accordingly. The minimum amount of a bet is 0.10 Euro.
  10. What are the maximum odds of the bet? The maximum odds of one ticket is x1000
  11. How it is possible to remove selections chosen by me from the coupon? Selections can be removed before placement of the bet by clicking directly on the “X” button on the right side of the coupon.
  12. I have placed a bet by mistake. Can I ask for my bet to be cancelled? Unfortunately, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, we are not allowed to cancel bets once they have been placed. According to our General Terms and Conditions, a bet is considered to be placed as soon as it is displayed in your betting account under “My bets”. Before you confirm a bet, you can cancel it in the bet slip and not place the bet. However, once you have confirmed the bet in the coupon your bet is accepted and can no longer be cancelled.
  13. How can I check whether my bet has been accepted? As soon as you have confirmed the bet in the coupon, by pressing the button “Make a Bet”, you will receive a confirmation of acceptance if the bet has been placed successfully. Each bet that you place will appear in your betting account under “Bet History”.
  14. In what circumstances are bets cancelled by the operator? Bets are cancelled if there is an inaccuracy in the names of players or teams if the wrong odds are offered if a wrong total is quoted, if a wrong handicap is quoted, etc. In these instances the bets are void.
  15. What happens in the event of match postponement/cancellation? The bet is settled as void depending on the individual sport in our Rules. In the case of an “Express” or “System” bet the selection is considered void.
  16. How is a football match settled if the match ended in extra time or a penalty shoot-out? All football bets are settled only for the 90-minute result (full-time), excluding extra time and penalty shoot-outs, unless otherwise stipulated by According to’s rules, full-time includes any stoppage time during the 90 minutes.
  17. How are two yellow cards given to a player settled? The second yellow card leading to the player’s dismissal is considered to be red, which means the player has one yellow card and one red card.
  18. How is a basketball game settled? The results for all bets on the game are made taking into account overtime unless stated otherwise. One exception is the bets on the winner of the match, where a “draw” is offered in regular time, not taking into account the overtime.
  19. How is a hockey match settled? The bets on National and International Ice Hockey championships are settled according to the official time of the matches unless otherwise stated.
  20. How is a bet settled if a tennis player refuses to continue the game? If a tennis player refuses to continue the game (or is disqualified), then in all the following games and sets he/she is considered to be defeated, and settlement is made according to the subsequent results.
  21. Do I get back my money if the match did not take place as planned? If the match is interrupted for more than 15 hours, all bets are returned, except for those, where the result was determined.
  22. Why is the settlement of my bets delayed? Settlement is usually made as quickly as possible. The settlement of online games is made immediately during the game; the settlement of offline games will be made as soon as a game ends, regardless of the bet type. But settlement can be sometimes delayed due to various reasons: the absence of information about the results, the same event with different information on various websites, technical problems, etc.
  23. What should I do if my bet is settled incorrectly? You should contact the Live Support department. Our support staff will check your bet, and if the bet is calculated incorrectly, the mistake will be rectified and your winnings will be added to your account.
  24. What is the minimum number of minutes an interrupted match is played to be considered as completed for betting purposes? Matches are considered to be completed for betting purposes, if they have been interrupted and not finished in the official time specified in points 6 and 7 of the Terms and Conditions, and if the time played is at least the following:
    • Soccer – 90 min;
    • Futsal – 30 min.
    • Basketball NBA (National Basketball Association) – 43 min.
    • Eurobasketball – 35 min.
    • Hockey NHL (National Hockey League) – 55 min.
    • Bandy – 60 min.
    • Eurohockey – 50 min.
    • American football – 55 min.
    • Baseball- 5 periods (innings)
    • Handball – 50 min.
  25. What happens to my bet if a match or event is postponed? If the event does not take place as scheduled or if the official score of the match is not announced and is not resumed within 24 hours, all bets will be declared void, refunded and transferred to your account. If this match is included in your "express bet" or “system bet”, the odds for this selection will be settled at 1.0.